Industrial automation

Industrial automation, automation control, automatyka przemysłowa, automatyzacja procesów przemysłowychAutomation, modernization of small and medium-size industrial plants using:

  • Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC),
  • Human-Machine Interfaces (HMI),
  • computers,
  • self-designed reliable electronic devices,
  • branded industrial automation components.

We have extensive experience in the metal products industry and engineering, especially in the automation of a wide range of machines for the processing of steel (including wire rods), production of building materials. We have developed a number of self-designed devices for electroplating, multi-spot welding machines, wire straighteners, AC and DC electric drives. Examples of projects we worked on can be found in our projects section. Our solutions can be used in places where reliability and high-performance play an important role.

AC drives, DC drives, frequency inverters, thyristor inverters, transistor inverters, napędy elektryczne prądu stałego i przemiennego, falowniki, przekształtniki tyrystorowe i tranzystorowe

AC and DC motor drives

AC motor drives based on variable-frequency drives. DC motor drives based on thyristor drives or transistor drives. Single-axis and multi-axis positioning, sequential regulation.

Electroplating automation, automatyzacja galwanizerni, anodowni, cynkowni, prostowniki galwaniczne


Comprehensive automation of plating plants, both hanging-type and drums lines, including anodising and galvanizing. The modern system of automatic control of multiple carriages in electroplating lines. Pulse reverse (AC) and unipolar (DC) rectifiers for electroplating (including the electro-colouring and anodising).

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Resistance welder, resistance welding machines, thyristor welding controller, automatyzacja zgrzewarek wielopunktowych, tyrystorowe regulatory zgrzewania

Multi-spot welding machines and spot welding machines

Comprehensive automation of resistance welding machines, including multi-spot welding machines producing wire meshes. The modern automatic control system of multi-spot welding machines with pneumatic or electric actuators. Thyristor welding power and time controller supplying welding power transformers.

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