Turnkey solutions for wire straighteners

Wire straightener control system

Wire straightener control system, system Sterowania Prościarką, automatyzacja prostowarek do drutupolish know how good priceWe present a simple and reliable control device for wire straighteners. We offer a complete system containing a colour human-machine interface and a PLC. Our solution controls all the mechanisms of wire straightener. We also offer synchronized multiple drives speed control - for example the speed of rotation of the spindle can be synchronized with the speed of the wire pass.

Characteristics of the wire straightener control system:

  • control of all mechanisms of the wire straightener,
  • reliable Programmable Logic Controller (PLC),
  • large human-machine interface:
    • setting the number of wires to cut off,
    • counter showing numer of already cut off wires,
    • technology parameters setting,
    • counters of actuators utilization,
    • visualization of the state of the machine,
    • manual mode of operation,
    • setting the speed of the spindle and wire pass,
    • multilingual messages about alarms and events (also Polish and English).

A feature of today's market is that customers pay more attention to the look of industrial machinery and equipment. Large colour human-machine interface with a professional graphic design gives to each wire straightener attractive appearance and improves operator comfort of working. Modern control system is undoubtedly a great asset to allow the machine to effectively compete with machines produced by other manufacturers.

EXPERT ADVICE: Shear cutting on the run in a high-performance wire straightener

In high-performance wire straighteners a mechanism with a shear which follows the wire and cuts on the run is sometimes applied. This solution allows not to stop moving wire rolls at the time of cutting, and thus increase the speed of production. For proper starting and stopping the shear mechanism we have developed the specialized microprocessor controller. The drive system based on mentioned device triggers the shear, which is cutting with high force and then is stopping precisely at the base position, ready for the next cycle.

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