Turnkey solutions for electroplating

Stabilized pulse reverse rectifiers with IGBT transistors

Stabilized pulse reverse rectifiers with IGBT transistors for electroplating, prostownik impulsowy rewersyjny dla galwanizernipolish know how good pricePulse reverse (bipolar) rectifiers with IGBT transistors are often used in electroplating industrial plants. In contrast to the thyristor and diode rectifiers, devices of this type have a number of advantages such as faster current control and smaller ripple of current and output voltage, higher efficiency, lower power consumption.

We also offer unipolar rectifiers with IGBT transistors.

Characteristics of pulse reverse rectifiers:

  • output voltage: 0 ÷ 24VDC,
  • continuous output current: 0 ÷ 1000A,
  • the ability of parallel operation of rectifiers (higher output current),
  • microprocessor controller with an intuitive menu in Polish or English,
  • current or voltage stabilization modes,
  • digital meters for the values of current and voltage,
  • the ability to save many technology programs in the memory,
  • technology program settings:
    • the duration of the process (number of cycles),
    • cathode working time per cycle,
    • anode working time per cycle,
    • current or voltage
         (individual values for anodic and cathodic parts),
  • suppression filter,
  • electronic short-circuit protection,
  • overheating protection,
  • visual and acoustic signals,
  • air cooling in forced circulation,
  • the ability of remote control,
  • power supply 3x400VAC.

The rectifier can be used for the following processes: electro-colouring, anodizing, chrome plating, zinc plating, copper plating, nickel plating, gold plating, silver plating, electropolishing and printed circuits.

Devices are mounted in the customer's factory at no extra charge.

The rectifier automatically switches the direction of the current, without the need for worker participation.

EXPERT ADVICE: What to consider when selecting rectifier?

Two basic parameters of a rectifier are the maximum values of the output voltage and current.

Output current: many manufacturers when giving the value of the maximum output current often mean only momentary value. In practice, the device should not be operated at the manufacturer's stated maximum current for too long, because it may overheat and damage. Therefore, before purchasing the rectifier, make sure what is the maximum continuous output current. The rectifiers offered by us have a maximum continuous output current up to 1000A. Parallel connection of several rectifiers can multiply obtainable output current.

Output voltage: in electroplating different processes require different maximum output voltage of the rectifier. The rectifiers offered by us have maximum output voltage up to 24V, allowing the implementation of all commonly used processes.

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Comprehensive automation of electroplating lines

Comprehensive automation of electroplating lines, automatyzacja galwanizerni, anodowni, cynkowniWe offer a comprehensive automation of electroplating plants, both hanging-type and drums lines. We can modernize existing old lines and also new ones. With our solutions, the role of workers can be limited to the preparation of loading material, and then receive the finished product.

Our solutions are based on PLCs. We use high-quality inductive sensors, reliable under aggressive atmosphere. On request, the drive of carriages can be made with use of variable-frequency drives, which ensures smooth start and stop.

We fully automate the process of loading, unloading and centrifugation of the material in the drum lines. In addition to full automation, various mechanisms can also be controlled in manual mode.

We offer a modern computer system which automatically controls multiple carriages of electroplating line. This solution allows you to optimize production capacity at the plant and to maintain proper technology parameters.

The functionality of the computer control system of carriages:

  • automatically leads drums / hangers from a bathtub to a bathtub,
  • precisely maintains proper technology parameters,
  • visualization of the process and content of bathtubs,
  • statistics that show the performance,
  • ease of use,
  • high-end components including a computer, UPS, I/O card,
  • menu in Polish and English; voice commands.

With use of the computer system, at the same time on the line can be multiple drums / hangers, each of which may be driven by different cyclogram (technology program). With this solution optimal production of small series is possible, without the need for draining the line of drums / hooks of one technology program, prior to the start of production in accordance with another technology program.

CASE STUDY: Automation of galvanizing line near Warsaw / Poland

The technological line in the plating plant consists of 30 bathtubs arranged in one straight line. Drums are moved among stations by means of two carriages. We have fully automated process of loading, centrifugation and unloading material, as well as the movements of the carriages.

The process of specifying the order in which the drums are placed in the proper bathtubs, and the times for which they are holded in them has been described by a number of cyclograms developed by the technologist. It supports the following processes: white passivation, thick passivation, yellow passivation, white passivation + coating (sealing), thick passivation + coating, yellow passivation + coating. When a new drum is entering the line, the worker has the ability to choose a cyclogram that will be used. At the same time the individual drums can be assigned to different technology programs.

The number of drums produced since the implementation of the system can be counted in hundreds of thousands. Our solution has allowed to optimize productivity and reduced the number of staff needed for the line operating. The automatic control has eliminated problems resulting from a human operator errors and contributed to the high quality of the final product.

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