Turnkey solutions for spot resistance welding machines

Thyristor resistance welding power and time controller
for spot welding machines

Thyristor resistance welding power and time controller for spot welding machines, Mikroprocesorowy Regulator Mocy i Czasu Zgrzewania dla zgrzewarek jednopunktowych, tyrystorowe zasilanie transformatora zgrzewalniczegopolish know how good priceThe device was developed because we have observed the need for inexpensive, easy to use and reliable system to supply the welding transformers of spot resistance welding machines. We offer a complete solution in a single housing containing a microprocessor controller and a power circuit with double thyristor module and a heat sink. The device is ideal for upgrading the electrical power circuit of single-phase spot resistance welding machines.

The presented device is the result of experience acquired during several decades of work on electronic circuits for resistance welders.

Characteristics of the device:

  • fast installation and simple operation,
  • intuitive settings of resistance welding power and time,
  • resistance welding power slope (reduces arcing),
  • reliable microprocessor control system,
  • double thyristor module from 160A to 500A (depending on order),
  • LED showing actual welding power and time,
  • external input signal starting welding cycle,
  • output signal indicating the end of welding,
  • thyristor damage detection,
  • thyristor overheating detection,
  • digital system for elimination of the DC component,
  • galvanic separated inputs and output for protection against damage.

CASE STUDY: Modernization of a spot resistance welder

A few years ago, an owner of a small manufacture asked us for help in the repair of old spot welder with pedal-powered electrodes. After the diagnosis of the device, we found that as a result of overvoltage the thyristor module was damaged. Due to the high cost of spare parts, repair was unprofitable. We offered the best solution from an economic point of view - to install our thyristor resistance welding power and time controller for spot welding machines. Replacing damaged device to the new one went smoothly and the resistance welding machine was immediately ready for operation. Training of the staff also did not last long, because our device is simple and intuitive to use. The device has worked reliably for several years. The owner is also happy with the fact that the new controller precisely maintains set parameters of weding power and time, which gives the same weld every time.

Presented controller has been mounted in all spot resistance welders produced by one of the leading manufacturers of welding machines in Poland.


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